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Celebrate the Outdoors
If your dad is an outdoorsman, take advantage of the warmer temperatures to explore the outdoors.
From fishing to camping, celebrating Father’s Day out- side creates wholesome mem- ories and a way to build the family bond. Explore your community to find engaging activities that show dad you care while making a connec- tion with nature.
If you are new to outdoor life, ask friends and family for their favorite spots to spend time. It is also beneficial to recruit a tour guide. If your dad refuses to accept gifts for Father’s Day, an exciting week- end getaway can make a per- fect experience.
If you decide to take a fish- ing or hunting excursion, do so legally. Check your local laws, so you have the proper licens- ing and documentation to stay out of trouble and help the environment flourish. According to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, in 2018, fishing licenses sales generated more than $700 mil- lion annually across the nation. Revenue is put back into nature by directly sup- porting conservation and res- toration.
Here are some other ways your Father’s Day weekend purchases contribute to the
 ecosystem, according to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.
• A tax of 10% on the sale price of sport fishing equip- ment.
• A tax of 3% on the sale price of electric outboard boat
• A tax on motorboat and
small engine fuel.
By paying these fees, you’re
helping habitat restoration, protection, land acquisition and public access for fishing and boating.
You don’t need an expensive motorhome to enjoy your time sleeping under the stars. A camping trip can be an afford- able trip that requires little gear. Check the weather fore- cast to ensure you’re not
caught in unfavorable condi- tions like rain or thunder- storms. Don’t forget to let oth- ers know where you will be staying. This safety measure ensures officials will know where to search in case you get lost in the wilderness.

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