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Enjoy a Local Brewery at Home
Craft brewery sales made up 13.2% of the United States beer market in 2018, according to the Brewers Association.
If your dad is a fanatic of IPAs, porters or stouts, consid- er purchasing him some goodies from a local craft brewery. You may even be able to take a virtual tour online that shows off a more person- al look into their processes compared to their big-beer counterparts.
If you’re spending this Father’s Day away from your dad, you can still arrange a gift that quenches his thirst for craft beer. Do a little research to find companies that offer subscription boxes that deliv- er a variety of beverages each month. Try to view a few dif- ferent options to find the best deal and exclusive introducto- ry benefits. Your dad’s favorite beers will be delivered right to his doorstep.
However, if you can cele- brate a tour, here are a few things to expect when book- ing your time slot.
Father’s Day weekend is a busy time for breweries that offer tours. Make sure to book in advance and find out if you need to make a deposit to hold your reservation. Ensuring that your place is secure can help the day go off without a hitch. Another con-
sideration you should make is the driving arrangement. Because most breweries offer samples or tastings, finding a designated driver or ride-shar- ing service is optimal.
You should also research
the different breweries in your area for information on possible offerings. Check online reviews or ask friends for their recommendations for the best value. You may be able to find a private tour option from your local brew- ery, as well. When researching
local businesses, look for an itinerary that covers the fol- lowing:
• An in-depth look at the history of the brewery.
• A thorough overview of the brewing process.
• Technical specifications showing the type of equip-
ment used during the process. • A chance to ask the brew-
er or tour guide questions about the operation.
A unique tour requires a brewery that is willing to give customers an involved look into how their favorite beers are created.

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