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Celebrate His First Father’s Day
While dad may downplay the significance of celebrating his first Father’s Day, rest assured that it means more to him than he may show.
You can make a big deal out of his excellence as a dad by treating him to gifts like more free time, his favorite meal or an affordable gift from his little one.
You don’t have to break the bank to show appreciation for a new father. Instead, consider one of the following gift ideas to show appreciation. Better yet, get creative and use our ideas for inspiration to pull off a custom gift perfect for dad.
Give dad the afternoon off by taking over his regular chores around the house. The first- time dad will appreciate a cou- ple of hours in the afternoon to watch a movie or enjoy a hobby. Plan ahead by purchas- ing his favorite snacks or drinks to enhance his free time.
While your little one may be too young to understand Father’s Day’s importance, cre- ating a gift from baby is a heartwarming gesture that fathers appreciate. Consider making a personalized gift with nicknames that dad gives his little one or make a traditional
gift like a mold of their hand- print or footprint. The keep- sake will be one that fathers cherish.
BRING HIM BACK TO HIS CHILDHOOD Consider finding a favorite
board game or toy that dad adored when he was a child. This allows him to share his passion as a youngster with his new baby.
Whether it be a remote-con- trol car or an iconic action fig- ure, the kid at heart will appre-
ciate a blast from the past.
If you oversee the grocery shopping in your household, plan to add his favorite foods to the list. Or, if a new baby
makes it too difficult to prepare a gourmet meal, you should consider pickup from his pre- ferred restaurant in town. If the saying is true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, make his first Father’s Day one to remember.

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