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 When a girl has dad wrapped around her little finger, a daddy- daughter date is a wholesome way to spend the holiday. This Father’s Day, create everlasting memories by spending the day with your daughter.
Studies show that a strong bond between dads and daughters has significant effects on her life as an adult. Researchers have found that when a father is involved in his child’s life, there are bene- fits for the child’s self-esteem and education, and the child is more likely to graduate from high school.
Moms and dads are the first true love our children find. It is critical to be a positive example as a father, so your daughter sets her expecta- tions high for men who enter her life. Here are some ways to spend a wholesome dad- dy-daughter date regardless of your favorite little lady’s age.
Packing a nutritious lunch for a picnic is a relaxing way to share a meal and enjoy nature. Don’t forget to bring a comfortable blanket. Pack dad’s favorite foods and a spe- cial treat for his little girl.
Give dad a chance to show
off his knowledge of setting up the tent and starting a backyard fire with the perfect staycation camping experi- ence.
A fun daddy-daughter day doesn’t have to be an elabo- rate affair. Make a simple meal together at home. Then put on some music and clear the living room so daddy and daughter can dance.
Plan a Daddy-Daughter Date
 Look for an area outside with lots of room.
Consider bringing along fun games like Frisbee or tossing a football around. A little exercise together after your lunch can boost the rest of your day.
Don’t forget to look up a few great stories to share around the campfire. And what camping night would be complete without s’mores and hot chocolate. Go the extra mile to show your daughter you value her.

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