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 Encourage dad’s golfing hobby by gifting him lessons from an expert for Father’s Day.
Even if he is already a self-proclaimed expert on the greens, a new perspective from a professional can show him ways to improve his game. If golf isn’t already an interest in his life, lessons can inspire him to partake in a wholesome activity that offers immense health benefits.
According to the European Institute of Golf Course Architects, these physical advantages can be gained by hitting the links.
• Heart health. Walking, carrying clubs and swinging will increase your heart rate and blood flow. The Norwegian Golf Federation finds that an 18-hole round will increase heart rate to about 100 beats per minute.
• Brain stimulation. The Alzheimer’s Society says that physical activity on the golf course provides a steady blood supply, which is critical to brain function.
• Weight loss. A study by the NGF found that an 18-hole round of golf can burn up to 2,500 calories in male players.
If you’re thinking of gifting dad a healthy and entertain- ing gift of golfing lessons, here are some factors to consider from the Professional Golfers Association.
Finding a coach who is accredited by the PGA will offer the most in-depth train- ing. Ask the expert about their experiences in golfing and if they partake in continued edu- cation through training. You can also find out more about
an expert by asking for refer- rals from other trainees. Ask them about their experience, positive results and how com- fortable they were during les- sons. You will also want to pro- vide the level of golf experi- ence that your father has so the professional can adjust his coaching technique.
An expert should be willing to follow-up with your father after the lessons are complet- ed. Of course, they may charge for additional educa- tion, but working with the same professional will allow
for consistency in style of play. Once dad gets out on the links to demonstrate what he’s learned, questions or con- cerns will likely arise. Before hiring the coach, ask if he will be available for continued les- sons or even open to video chats or phone calls for con- tinued learning.
Golfing Lessons

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