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The Backyard Entertainer
If your dad is an aficionado in outdoor cooking or known for his backyard gatherings, you should consider a gift that enhances the way he entertains.
Save space on his patio or enter- tainment area by combining two of the most important components of outdoor parties: a grill and a smoker. Dads take mastering cooking equip- ment that impresses their guests seri- ously, so a quality unit is preferable.
Before deciding on a new appliance, make sure it is compatible with his fuel source. Find out if the existing grill is powered by gas, natural sources like wood or charcoal or if an electri- cal connection is used. If the new grill/smoker combo requires electrici- ty and your dad doesn’t have an out- door outlet, hire an electrician to safe- ly install one.
Does your dad have a dedicated space in his backyard where he enter- tains? If not, you can spruce up the area by getting him new patio furni- ture, an outdoor bar or a patio. While undertaking a construction project may be expensive, the addition to the property can enhance the value of your home.
You can also work on sprucing up the yard for dad this Father’s Day. Consider adding new landscaping edging or setting up an agreement with a contractor to take care of that old tree in the backyard that needs to be removed. Think creatively and help dad remove some things that have been on the honey-do list for a while.
Investigate outdoor sound systems that are weatherproof and offer quali- ty sound. Today, you can find options that add to the landscape, such as decorative rocks with built-in speak- ers or solar-powered lanterns that
provide big sound.
You can even bring sporting games
or other televised events to another level by installing a television near the gathering space. Make sure to include a weatherproof box and mount it in a convenient area.
Consider connecting it to a quality surround sound system with wireless speakers that are distributed through- out the yard.
Whatever you decide to get dad for Father’s Day this year, an outdoor gift is always a safe bet.

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