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 A great moment throughout her career that has stood out above many others was when a former mentor came to Efird for advice.
“She messaged me and asked me for a color formula for her hair,” she said. “And that was like ‘You’re asking me?’ She asked me for help and she loved what I came up with. I very much felt like I wasn’t a padawan anymore. Like Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn.”
And as she reminisced about her walk of life, she mentioned how re- warding it can feel to help clients and new stylists.
“I’m really proud of meeting people and influencing them. I had a client and friend, Maddi, and when I met her, she was about 14 and kind of shy, soft-spoken. And we started doing her hair, doing all kinds of different colors and I could see her confidence boom afterward.
“And teaching new stylists — I had so many people that helped me and pushed me. I love being able to help people in my profession. It’s always good to feel good and looking back on it, I’d say that’s pretty rad,” she said.
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