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 The Hot Springs Arts and Film Institute recently sponsored “Hitch- cock Live!” at the Central Theater, a play written by local teen director
Grace Clowers with a cast and crew of teenagers and children, including Alejandro Villa, Sutter Gillette, Madison May, Luna Mae Solleder, Emma Gross, Damarae Gilbert, Trinity Bugaj, Konrad Rogers, Gabe Compton, Abigail Compton, Alitza Cabibi-Wilkin, Zac Cabibi-Wilkin on lights, and Keenan Pranter on sound.
Madison May
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letus help!
C o m p l i m e n ta ry
H ea rin g Eva lu a tio n
Ca ll 800-527-9996 tod a y to a rra nge youra ppointm ent
fo r th i s fre e c o n s u l ta ti o n
    4501 Central Ave. Suite 174 Hot Springs, AR 71913
     S u n 1 1 A M -5 P M
4332CENTRALAVE.SUITEE 501.520.5400
M on-Sat9AM -7PM
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